Affiliate fees

  • Affiliates advantages

    XNmarket affiliates has unique advantages , most of the sellers are already top rated sellers at the most known marketplaces on the web. That means that they are successful sellers. The most reasons when a sellers are successful is because they don't try to win too much from one sale, they sale cheap in the best quality it can be! If they already sale products, you could also help them sale and you will get the commission! Get advantage and join us HERE!

  •  Are there any fees for join?

    NO! There are no set up or monthly fees! It is totally free to join us, to get your tracking code(s), publish them on your website/blog/social media or anywhere you wish and get commission from the sales!

  •  XNmarket commission

    Your commission for each sale is 5%. This fee is apply for all categories.


  •  Payment methods

    The payment method you will receive payments is PayPal. Because PayPal is the number #1 method globally which is offering 100% security at nowadays!

  •  When I will receive payment

    We are sending payments every 10th per month. We are working hard to leverage the time and we will possibly do it soon.


  •  How to create an account?

    To create your account it's free and easy. Click the 'Register' link at the top right of the page. You can register with your email address or you can join with social media buttons with one single click!

  •  Do I need to create separate accounts to join Buyer or Affiliate program?

    NO! Everything is managed by one account for easy management. You are welcome to join one or all of them to get advantage!

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